Sunday, February 27th –  A tasty Pancake Breakfast welcomed Georgians back to the Great Hall after Mass after over two years of pandemic inactivity. An enthusiastic kitchen staff and several tablesful of hungry parishioners enjoyed a repast to end all repasts!….that included made-from-scratch pancakes and REAL maple syrup. Kudos to Meg Hughes, Barb Wengrovius, Sandee Hughes, Nancy Angus, Mother Lisa Schoonmaker and everyone who contributed to the successful food-fest.

Lisa Schoonmaker

Mother Lisa Schoonmaker

Sandy Hughes

Sandee Hughes manning the griddle

Joan Pearson
Rose Marie and Grant Jaquith

Sue Hartz, Louisa, James and Paul Smigelski, Diane Reed

Bryan Taylor, Stephanie Bahar, Patty and Tarek Wareh, Meridith and John Ewbank

A busy kitchen