From the beginning of the Church, Christian burial has been an important and integral part of Christian life. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ put an end to the power of death; thus followers of the Good Shepherd believe that death is but the entrance to new and eternal life with Him. We hope for the final resurrection; and for the body which awaits that resurrection we show a proper reverence.

For one who has lived in Christ and with Christ, death is the beginning of eternal joy with our God and Father. Since the Holy Eucharist is the Church’s principal offering of sacrifice, prayer, and praise, it is most appropriate that a Mass of Requiem be celebrated in connection with every Christian’s death. This liturgy is a service of thanksgiving (eucharistia) to God for His redemption of an earthly life that has come to an end. It is equally a commitment of one we love to the mercies of God in the faith that He will preserve our loved one in peace. It is an offering in which joy and sorrow are mixed, for while we say an earthly farewell, we know that the dead live in Christ. The Mass points us to the One in whom there is life, for in it we “do show the Lord’s death till he come.” (I Cor. 11:26)

 A Requiem is a testament of triumph and hope, for those of us who remain know that we also journey toward the same eternal home. In the communion of saints we, the Church on earth, are joined with the Church Triumphant and Expectant in worshiping before the same Throne of Grace. In the Holy Eucharist, which transcends all time and space, we are closest to our faithful departed loved ones, joining our prayers and praises to theirs. We pray for them, as we believe that they pray for us, so that all may be strengthened in their lives of service.

                                                                                                         The Anglican Service Book

Notification and Scheduling

The death of a member of the church should be reported as soon as possible to the church office.  Arrangements for the date and time of the service are scheduled by the Rector in consultation with the funeral director and family.  Under no circumstances should commitments be made about date and time in any obituary or death notice until the Rector has confirmed the plans.

All funeral and memorial services at St. George’s are conducted by the Rector, who has final responsibility for all decisions relating to funeral and memorial services.  If desired, and at the invitation of the Rector, clergy from another Episcopal parish or Christian church may assist at services.

The community of St George’s is honored and blessed to be a part of this important, yet difficult time for your family.  The clergy and staff are here to provide support and practical guidance in planning a fitting service for your loved one. 

Contact Information

Additional questions or concerns can be directed to the church office:

St. George’s Episcopal Church                      Phone: (518) 374-3163
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